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Neon Hockey Grips

Neon Hockey Grips

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Pro Simon hockey grips prioritize both performance and comfort. Our grips come with a top ring and foam tape, allowing you to tailor your grip profile precisely to your preference. Plus, choose from a range of vibrant neon colors.

Waterproof and Durable: Enjoy clean, classic comfort that's built to last in any weather condition.

Feather-Light Design: Our grips are incredibly lightweight, and their one-piece sleeve design eliminates any overlapping or bulkiness, ensuring a consistent snug feel without added stickiness. Whether you're a youth, junior, intermediate, or senior player, customize your stick like a pro!

Effortless Installation: Installing our grips is a breeze. 1) Use a 1500 Watt heat gun or bring water to a boil at 212F with a 1.5L kettle 2) Slide the grip over your hockey stick 3) Pour the 212F boiling water over the sleeve for a perfect, custom fit to your grip.

Quantity: Each order includes 1 Grip.

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