About Us

About Nakai

Our young CEO, Nakai Simon is a 12 year old multi-talent athlete, artist, straight A student, and entrepreneur. When he is not on the ice, or basketball court, he enjoys fishing and a good game of golf.

Nakai's Story

While many hockey players only pack tape in their hockey bags, Nakai always made sure to have the tape, and more. He packed scissors, a skate edger tool and a helmet repair kit in a dedicated pouch within his hockey bag, always willing to share with his teammates. This led to the creation of the Bar Down Loaded Hockey Accessory Kit, and eventually, Pro Simon Sports!

Our Gratitude

Whether you order, share, or connect with us, we're deeply grateful for your support. At Pro Simon Sports, we cherish our customers and followers. Your support ignites our innovation and motivates us to push further.

We're thrilled about the journey ahead, growing with you, our valued community. Together, we'll explore new horizons in sports accessories, making every game unforgettable.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Sincerely, Nakai Simon and the Pro Simon Sport Accessories Team

CEO Nakai Simon talks with CTV News about his business!