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Bar Down Premium Hockey Wax - Handcrafted

Bar Down Premium Hockey Wax - Handcrafted

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Elevate your game with our Bar Down Premium Hockey Wax. Nakai carefully handcrafts this wax to enhance stick blade tackiness, providing unparalleled puck control while effortlessly smoothing out tape seams, ensuring you dominate the game with confidence!

Combat Water Build-Up: Protect your stick and blade from ice and snow accumulation with our moisture-resistant wax. Shielding your blade from moisture is crucial to preserve tape integrity, preventing uneven puck feel that could impact your performance.

Effortless Application: Applying our wax is a breeze. Simply spread a thin layer onto your stick blade's tape. Generously coat the lower half of the tape and its edges, as this is where the majority of puck handling occurs. Maintain a flat, natural style, avoiding any bumps for the ultimate grip.

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